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Is learning to fly difficult?

Well it takes effort, but if you are able to drive a car/motorbike with confidence, you should be able to fly. We'll structure your training to suit you, to enable you to progress at a rate which encourages you to achieve.


What qualifications will my instructors have when I'm learning to fly?

All CDP Aviation Instructors hold a RAANZ  Senior Instructor, or Authorised Testing Officer - ATO, and may include PPL,


CPL licences. Once you start learning to fly, you can stay with the same instructor if you wish.

Can I use training aircraft once I have my licence?

Yes, they are available for hire for suitably qualified and approved pilots. Many pilots join or form a flying syndicate where several pilots jointly own the aircraft, sharing the fixed costs, hangarage, insurance etc, and incurring an hourly rate for flying. Included in most syndicates' financial arrangements are all maintenance and timed component replacement costs. Pilots can buy and sell 'shares' in an aircraft.

What about medical requirements?

Your GP is able to provide medical approval. If you are medically fit to drive a car, you are medically fit to fly a microlight.


How does microlight flying fit with the  Civil Aviation Authority?

We train under the auspices of the Recreational Aircraft Association of New Zealand (RAANZ),  a Civil Aviation Authority

Part 149 certificated organisation with delegated authority to administer Microlight Pilot Certificates and ratings.


Are there any flight restrictions on Microlights?

Yes, they must obey visual flight rules - VFR - and are not allowed to fly in cloud - IMC - or after dark. They must also avoid congested areas and no flight below 500ft unless landing or taking off.

How long does it take to become a microlight pilot?

The syllabus is similar to almost all of the Private Pilot's Licence syllabus. Time taken varies with the individual. It is possible to complete this in 45 hours, but most will take more time.

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